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for a Smarter Future
of Mobility

Empower mobility with AI technology and innovation to become smarter, greener, and more efficient forms of transportation.

Intelligent Mobility Solutions

Showcases the AI expertise in railway operation, fleet operation, and energy management. With the support of the advanced technology like edge computing adaptive machine learning, and sensor fusion, Wistron Intelligent Mobility Solutions ensure the best productivity and profitability to the mobility industry.

We develop best-in-class adaptive AI operations platforms to help mobility businesses raise productivity, implement energy efficiency practices and improve profits while providing better, greener and safer services for their customers and employees.


Integrating the latest in AI-technologies for smarter, greener, and safer mobility operations.

Machine Learning AI

Make AI development and operation simple, ensuring visualized adaptive MLOps and development efficiency.

Smart Actions

With no-code AI detection configurations, Smart Actions level up operations with rules and schedules for early warning.

Intelligent Driving

Combining rich visual data with in-vehicle sensors, it keeps drivers safe and helps management detect negative driving behaviors.


Integrating sensors to define position, dealing with interruptions and reaching accuracy in open and obstructed areas.

Smart Coaching

Helping train drivers on the roads and sending violation reminders via real-time data and analysis.


An AI-powered and data driven fleet management solution that helps drivers drive safer, coaches drivers in unfamiliar situations, and facilitates energy management.

A continuous learning AI DevOps platform with ML and edge computing that enables accuracy of visual recognition systems and efficiency of mobility operations.

An intelligent cloud platform where railway operations can be safer and  cost-efficient with accurate positioning, integration of sensor fusion algorithm, and data analysis.

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