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AI-Powered for a Smarter Future of Mobility

Intelligent Mobility Solutions (IMS) by Wistron AiEdge corp provide mobility businesses with the easiest transition to employing AI machine learning technologies to maximize their productivity and profitability.

We're working on making mobility smarter, more efficient, and interconnected

We help you leverage cloud & AI technologies to optimize your mobility operations.

Intelligent Mobility Solutions

With advanced AI-empowered technologies like computer vision, edge computing, MLOps, smart coaching, intelligent energy management, and sensor fusion, Wistron Intelligent Mobility Solutions (IMS) provide companies in the rail and fleet industries all the tools they need to embrace the future.

Innovation Highlights

Integrating the latest in AI-technologies for smarter, greener, and safer mobility operations.
Adaptive Machine Learning AI
Evolve your AI models with visualized adaptive MLOps to ensure transparency and development efficiency.
Edge Computing Management
Predict and monitor the bandwidth of edge computing devices to ensure timely processing of all AI alerts.
Smart Actions
Smarten up operations by implementing configurable AI applications with rules and schedules.

Our Products


An AIOT and data driven fleet management platform that effectively reduces traffic accidents, proactively coaches drivers, and improves the efficiency of energy consumption.


An AI application development platform powered by AI and adaptive machine learning methodology that increases the accuracy and expands the functionality of any visual recognition system.


A cloud management platform empowered with high-definition positioning and intelligent AI applications that forms a foundation of smart railway transportation of the future.

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