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It was great to be part of the 2022 ITS World Congress in Los Angeles. After a long break from live events, it was refreshing to meet so many mobility professionals in person. It was also invigorating and reassuring to hear from so many municipality officials about their initiatives in the realm of mobility. 

The opening speech by LA Mayor Eric Garetti was exemplary of where the world of mobility is heading. He spoke about the challenges that LA is facing in trying to alleviate all the issues caused by road traffic. It was enlightening to hear, especially to our ZigRail team, about all the local railway initiatives planned for the metropolis. LA is just one city of many that has big plans to transform the way people move around their cities. 

Another speech by Dr. Robert Hampshire of the Department of Transportation touched on other key areas of interest to us. He mentioned the $1.2 Trillion infrastructure law and how that will fundamentally transform how people and things move around the US. He focused on three areas: safety, emissions, supply chains. These points were recurring themes at the ITS World Congress 2022, and we would like to share our thoughts on how Wistron AiEdge initiatives address these issues. 

How to Make Mobility Safer 

Getting ourselves and our loved ones safely from point A to point B is perhaps the most important question that must be addressed as we move forward towards a world where our transportation systems become ever more complex. One area that has really been of focus in the US is that of trucking. It’s an area that has consistently seen more demand and so an area that will be bringing on many new drivers on the roads. 

It will be critical to ensure that the training of the new drivers will be excellent and that only qualified and consistently well behaved drivers will have their place on our public roads. This is an area where many of our ZigFleet and ZigNeurons innovations can help. By utilizing adaptive ML AI and integration of many sensors and cameras, we’re able to develop the best in class monitoring and driver-aiding solutions. These tools help fleet managers ensure that their drivers are following all the road rules as well as any internal criteria set by the management. Our mobility solutions are also there to help drivers as they enter new areas by providing them with critical information in real time about the road conditions or abnormalities that they may encounter.

How to Dramatically Reduce Emissions in Transportation

As climate change continues to strengthen in importance and as we move away from petroleum based fuels for transportation, building mobility systems that are supremely energy and resource efficient is paramount. This was a key message throughout ITS World Congress 2022. While there were many participants focused on electric vehicle innovations, Wistron AiEdge focuses more on the management of the EV fleets that will soon dominate our roadways. 

Our solutions utilize AI to manage EV Fleets holistically. It starts with ensuring that all the fleet routes are optimized so any extra mileage can be eliminated from the routes. It continues to address issues like EV battery management like recharging and replacement schedule. This ensures that fleet managers can get the maximum usage out of their resources. It also addresses monitoring driving so energy used during travel is minimized and therefore overall emissions kept low.

How to Bolster Supply Chains – Especially Railway Based Mobility

Following the disruptions to the supply chains caused by COVID, governments and organizations around the world are waking up to the fact that they must bolster up their supply chains. For some that means making more things locally and for some finding alternative supply sources of key materials. But to all it also means making sure that our existing supply chains and especially railway based transportation operates smoothly. 

Wistron AiEdge ZigRail solution can be a key component of strengthening the operations of railway transportations. By using powerful sensors and high definition positioning systems it can help track your entire rail fleet and the infrastructure upon which it operates. Its adaptive AI solutions are able to perform highly accurate inspections in areas where humans may have trouble getting to or where it simply is too costly to deploy labor. The solution also offers rich visual dashboards that keep management fully aware of the state of all the critical components throughout their operations. 

After coming back from LA, we’re more excited than ever to keep the development of Wistron AiEdge Mobility Solutions moving forward. We’re on track to address the most critical issues that the world of mobility is facing today and for many years ahead.