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Elevate the efficiency of fleets for optimal energy-savings,
emission reductions, and improved safety record

Insightful Fleet Management Solution

For Safer, Smarter and Greener Fleets

AI-powered fleet management solution with edge computing data empowers your business with the best productivity and profitability, driving the fleet to the safer and energy-saving future.

Intelligent Driving

Manage operation efficiency and improve driver safety with AI-powered video technology that combines rich visual data with adaptive machine learning AI.

What can be measured by AI?

Drivers’ fatigue usually becomes a major cause of car accidents. It takes longer time for the drivers to react and make a judgment on the road when they are lack of sleep.
Buckling up can protect drivers and passengers from severe car accidents. ZigFleet can detect the drivers with AI recognition technology if they fasten the seatbelt and send a reminder to them.
Smoking might possibly distract drivers from driving, leading to a serious accident.
Using smartphones while driving might result in car crashes. To avoid accidents, such distracted driving behavior should be prohibited.
Running a red light might possibly hurt the driver himself and pedestrians. Signal jumping is detected to prevent such negative driving behavior in advance

Smart Coaching

Accelerate new driver efficiency in unfamiliar situations through onboard competency coaching.

  • Decrease the costs of fines, education, and car damages
  • Find the most optimal parking locations
  • Get alerts of violation locations
  • Improve driving behavior to achieve better energy efficiency

Data Visualization

Provide visual reporting dashboards for all fleet and driver related information.

  • Analyze driver behavior and traffic violation information, and visualize the data
  • Visualize data and information for fleet management to make a quick decision
  • Make operation safer, and deploy the fleet faster

Fleet Tracking

Track down the location of each vehicle in your fleet in real-time.

  • Monitor fleets by visualizing the status and usage of every vehicle
  • Help bring every detail of fleets to management teams through GPS tracking solutions
  • Reduce costs and improve the efficiency and productivity of the fleets


Reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and increase productivity.

  • Help keep track of vehicles entering or leaving a specified area
  • Draw areas for key places and monitor the fleet
  • Prevent unnecessary fuel consumption and increase productivity

Smart Routing

Optimize route planning to save on the energy costs and keep carbon emissions low.

  • Plan for the most cost-effective and optimized route based on the business strategy
  • Balance the daily schedules
  • Deliver the services and products to your customers fast through the optimized route

An AIoT and data driven fleet management platform where managers can effectively monitor and manage the fleets, help to reduce car accidents, coach new drivers in unfamiliar areas, and optimize the driving route.

Frequently Asked Questions

ZigFleet is an AI-empowered cloud based mobility solution focused on helping fleets operate in a greener way with regards to energy usage and carbon emissions, in a safer way by helping coach drivers and aide them in new situations, and more efficiently with regards to maximizing the output of a vehicle fleet.

ZigFleet is designed for fleet managers in the business of material and people logistics with a special focus on optimizing EV fleets.

ZigFleet utilizes MLOps which allows the platform to continuously learn and adapt to changes in the environment such as seasonal changes and surrounding or supporting infrastructure changes. ZigFleet is easily scalable so it can easily adopt to a growing business or be implemented in stages.

ZigFleet focuses on helping fleet managers with the following issues:

  • + Keeping your drivers and fleet vehicles safe by utilizing AI and visual recognition technology withing your vehicles to help alert and guide drivers.
  • + Accelerates your driver training and keeps their competence high by analyzing and guiding their driving habits, as well as providing management with actionable data about poor driving behavior.
  • + Keeps your fleet energy costs lower and ensures a longer lifetime of the batteries by optimizing their charging schedules.

ZigFleet management dashboard gives management a comprehensive view of their fleet operations. It includes a map view of vehicle locations and their status, energy usage reports and charging schedule, driver behavior reports, as well as other helpful reports.

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