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Optimize the performance and productivity of your business by extracting insights using machine learning with AI and cognitive technologies from your collected data.

Transformative AI Solutions for NextGen Mobility Operations

Adaptive ML AI x Smart Actions x IOT

Employing advanced AI and IoT technologies to develop the mobility services of tomorrow that are smarter, more energy-efficient, and have a minimal carbon footprint.
We enhance operations management of mobility businesses with the latest in IT technologies to surface insights like most suitable EVs to charger ratios, identify cost drivers such as inefficient routes, propose optimal savings including most cost-effective EV battery replacement schedule, and in general bring intelligence to the running of your organization.

Adaptive Machine Learning AI

Evolve your AI models with visualized adaptive MLOps to ensure transparency and development efficiency.

Smart Actions

Smarten up operations by implementing configurable AI applications with rules and schedules.

Edge Computation Management

Predict and monitor the bandwidth of edge computing devices to ensure timely processing of all AI alerts.

Edge Device Management

Enhance system flexibility with scalable edge devices that use different AI applications without the need for individual license binding.

Adaptive Machine Learning AI

Through continuous data collection, pattern learning, model training, and re-deployment, the AI model iteratively self-optimizes, updates, and adapts to the fast-changing world.

To simplify the intricacies and complexities of the AI training process, ZigNeurons visualizes every critical aspect of the intelligent model. The interface provides at a glance comparisons of the training results for each iterative version so management is able to quickly view and understand the learning results.

Smart Actions

ZigNeurons smart rule engine provides actionable and informative alerts integrated with a variety of AI applications as well as edge devices.
The system can be tuned to meet your specific needs. A variety of inspection cycles can be performed on different equipment, the reporting can be modified to suit the needs for personnel based on their needs and authority. The notification and warning system can be seamlessly integrated with the existing ERP system to support your organization’s business operations logic.

Edge Computing Management

ZigNeurons performs the critical function of effectively monitoring and managing the computing power of edge devices.
Today’s AI applications demand increasingly more computing power to provide real-time monitoring services of edge devices via video stream. ZigNeurons Edge Device management ensures that the AI detection application performance is not degraded or even interrupted due to insufficient computing power allocation. The interface provides at a glance comparisons of the training results for each iterative version so management is able to quickly view and understand the learning results. 

Edge Device Management

Building on Kubernetes architecture, ZigNeurons is able to flexibly and rapidly expand the deployment of edge devices and the corresponding computing power in your system.

A variety of detection items can also be enabled for the edge devices, and their deployment can be adjusted and replaced at any time.