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Transformative Continuous Learning AI DevOps for NextGen Mobility Operations

Transformative AI Solutions for NextGen Mobility Operations

Adaptive ML AI x Smart Actions x IoT
ZigNeurons is an AI-powered development platform on cloud for a variety of mobility solutions. It utilizes MLOps to develop system that is suitable for your mobility business, and to continuously optimize the operation via data training and models

Adaptive Machine Learning AI

Evolve AI models with visualized adaptive ML to ensure transparency and development efficiency.


Convenient for Data Integration

Collect multiple data to one platform, easier and more convenient for data integration, training, and modelling.


99% Accurate and Precise models

Continuous validation increases precision rate and recall rate, making the models more accurate for deployments and applications.


Lower Risk of Functioning Failures

Bridge the gap between development, and deployment environments for better inspection and application in real situation via continuous updating.


Visualized Dashboard for Management

Visualize every aspect of the models and comparisons of the training results, better viewing and analyzing the learning results faster.

Smart Actions

Smarten up operations by implementing configurable AI applications with rules and schedules.

  • Provide early warning integrated with a variety of AI applications and edge devices
  • The inspection cycles can be performed on different equipment
  • The reporting can be modified to fulfill personnel needs and authority
  • Integrate notification and warning systems with existing ERP system to comply with organization operations

Edge Server Computing Management

Predict and monitor the bandwith of edge computing devices to ensure timely processing of all AI alerts.​

  • Effectively monitor and manage the computing power of edge devices
  • Rule out insufficient computing power allocation via application performance AI detection
  • Provide comparisons of the training results for each version via the user-friendly interface

Edge Device Management

Enhance system flexibility with scalable edge devices that use different AI applications without the need for individual license binding.

  • Flexibly and rapidly deploy edge devices and correspond computing power to the system via Kubernates architecture
  • Enable a variety of detection items for adjustments and replacements of edge devices and deployments anytime

ZigNeurons employs advanced AI and IoT technologies to develop smarter, greener, and more energy-saving mobility solutions. With the latest AI technologies, your mobility business operations are enhanced and the cost-effective EV battery replacement schedule is well-managed. Smarten up your mobility business!

Frequently Asked Questions

ZigNeurons is an AI-empowered cloud based development platform for custom mobility solutions. The key differentiator of ZigNeurons is its utilization of MLOps to optimize the development of custom solutions.

ZigNeurons focuses on creating custom solutions for the mobility industry including fleets with a focus on electric vehicle fleets, railway operations, and other transportation focused organizations.

ZigNeuron’s utilization of MLOps helps speed up the development cycle, allows the platform to continuously learn and adapt to changes in the environment, and makes the development more transparent to the management team.

MLOps helps development teams work more efficiently by automating some repetitive tasks and eliminating unnecessary steps in the development cycle. One key advantage of MLOps is the ability to integrate self learning processes that help the platform build applications that self-improve over time as they are faced with new information in the environment where they operate.

ZigNeurons is a platform that helps us develop custom mobility solutions for your business operations. If you have identified business or operational inefficiency issues in your organization – we can help you investigate whether ZigNeurons can help you address those issues via development of AI-powered applications that can save you money, decrease energy usage, improve safety, and optimize the use of all your resources.

ZigNeurons and ZigFleet can both address the needs of vehicle fleet management companies, however, ZigFleet comes with a predefined set of tools and a management dashboard, while ZigNeurons is a development platform for creating unique mobility solutions. You can think of ZigNeurons as a master collection of AI powered modules that can be utilized to create mobility solutions. Zigfleet is a solution that utilizes a specific set of modules to solve the most common yet urgent efficiency, energy use, and safety issues that occur in the fleet management industry.

ZigNeurons and ZigRail both address the needs of companies that manage railway operations, however, ZigRail is a solution that addresses the most common existing issues in the railway industry and it comes with a predefined set of tools including a management dashboard. ZigNeurons is a development platform for creating unique mobility solutions, it is a master collection of AI powered modules that can be utilized to create unique solutions. Both solutions focus on improving energy use efficiency, safety issues, and general optimization of resource utilization in the railway industry.

While ZigNeurons is a pure cloud-native system using Kubernetes, it’s possible to create a custom enterprise version to run locally. 

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