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Smart Coaching Improves Driver Behavior

AI-Powered Smart Coaching Makes Fleet Operation Safer and More Intelligent

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, more than 90% of car accidents are caused by human error because drivers do not pay much attention or stay focused while they are driving. Reckless or distracted driving not only puts the driver in danger, but it might also do harm to other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Negative driving behaviors, such as the use of mobile devices, fatigue, or running a red light, can result in huge losses, and from logistics perspective, it causes fleet management a lot of hassle.

To alleviate the many common problems of fleet management, AI technology has been introduced to the industry. In this article, we would like to give an insight and share why we think the recent introduction of AI-powered technology can help fleet management become safer, more efficient, and overall operate more intelligently.

With the assistance from AI technologies, human error is avoidable on the roads:

“Negative driving behaviors are avoidable. AI can be used to continuously detect and monitor such behaviors so that it can help save lives, reduce operational costs, and have a positive impact on the bottom-line for businesses.” – Anderson Lee, Product Manager at Wistron AiEdge Corp.

In the beginning of this year, a well-known fleet management solution provider released a two-year study on how AI technologies helped increase driver safety and coach drivers of commercial vehicles. The results indicated that the use of AI and coaching functionality alleviated 22% of car accidents and 56% of unsafe driving behavior. As AI continuously detects and monitors the drivers, and sends real-time alerts instantly, unsafe driving behaviors are preventable so as to keep the fleets safe. Collecting data to establish driver profiles also facilitates the task of coaching new drivers in unfamiliar situations.

We can see that the use of advanced AI technologies does lead to fewer accidents and contributes to AI becoming essential for safer and smarter mobility. Wistron Intelligent Mobility Solutions is excited about the role our own ZigFleet solution can play in helping improve road safety:

Intelligent Driving

Combing rich visual and sensor data with adaptive machine learning AI, the system equipped with advanced AI technology aims to detect and monitor driving behavior in-vehicle and outside the cabin. For example, drivers who try to run a red light will be monitored and receive an early alert via visualized dashboard connected to the management team. Other negative behaviors, like reckless acceleration and deceleration, phone use, smoking while driving, fatigue, inappropriate seatbelt use, and more, can also be detected for real-time alerts.

Smart Coaching

The AI mentor system guides drivers in unfamiliar roadways via onboard coaching. Through data collection and building up of driver profiles, coaching efforts can be applied to the drivers, violations therefore will decrease for drivers even in high violation prone areas.

The system works by identifying the coordinates of high violation prone areas and tracking them as Stay-Alert zones. Next, timely alerts are sent to drivers prior to them entering a stay-alert zone so that they can drive more cautiously through the zone. Smart coaching also lowers the chance of getting tickets through real-time reminders, and optimizes the route to improve energy consumption. Furthermore, by finding the closest and most optimal parking zones, drivers do not need to drive around to look for parking lots.

Case Study

A global logistics company has recently worked with Wistron on implementing an intelligent fleet management solution. When incidents occur, it takes a lot of time and resources to investigate car accidents that their drivers get involved in. Driver safety is always the logistics company’s top priority. To enhance their safety, this industry leader applied the AI-empowered ZigFleet for safer and smarter fleets across their entire India operations. With AI technology, visualized data, and real-time alerts, ZigFleet promotes intelligent driving and the driving data collected can be used for further operational improvements and reduced operational cost.

Wistron IMS is hoping to keep everyone safe on the road, and expecting our AI-powered products to make any forms of transport safer and more intelligent.